Harvey Lake Notes

May 5, 2021

Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen,

Here are a few notes that apply to this weekend’s Harvey Opener this coming weekend: MANDATORY CAPTAIN’S MEETING: A mandatory Captain’s meeting will take place at 0645hrs this coming Saturday morning.

ALL Teams MUST have one person present, no exceptions;

COVID 19: All Covid 19 rules and regulations will continue to apply to the NBSFA until such time as we are officially informed of a change. This means that social distancing and masks WILL BE WORN by ALL staff and participants when on land.

Participants may remove their masks when in their boats. Unfortunately, at this time, NO Participants from outside of the province of NB are permitted to fish in the NBSFA until the current New Brunswick restrictions concerning travel and entry into the province are lifted, unless that (those) individual(s) has/have self-isolated for a period of two weeks in accordance with current New Brunswick regulations.

FISH HANDLING: Given the news that transpired over the past year whereas hundreds of smallmouth bass were thrown in a dumpster in Ontario last year, eyes will be fixed on every bass tournament this season with regards to our fish handling practices. This subject will be briefed on Saturday morning at the Captains’ meeting at 0645hrs;

TAKE OFF NUMBERS & PROCEDURES: This year we will be taking off in order of number whereas we will drive past the weigh master showing your take off number. This will also be discussed at the Captain’s meeting at 0645hrs Saturday; Take off numbers for the entire field will be published Thursday prior to each tournament;

SAFETY // WEIGH IN // WEIGH MASTER: ALL will be discussed at the Captain’s meeting at 0645hrs this coming Saturday morning at 0645hrs

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