Harvey Lake Starting Positions

May 6, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Listed below are the take off numbers for this weekend’s Harvey Lake Opener. Should you have paid and we missed you, please contact me and we will ensure you are taken care of. Good Luck to everyone this weekend.

Thanks Bert


1. Nickerson/Nickerson

2. McCrum/Armstrong

3. Guimont/Matheson

4. Ross/Ross

5. McQuinn/Wilkins

6. McAllister/Simard

7. Shaw/Moffit

8. Moran/Wilson

9. Glaspy/Watling

10. McVay/ TBD


12. Hanley/Whittier

13. Boudreau/ Law

14. Marr/Marr

15. Edmond/Rickett

16. Arsenault/Alward

17. Bird/Lavallee

18. Bear/Hicks

19. Greene/Barrett

20. Stone/Pirie

21. Jones/Rayner

22. Harris/Beckett

23. McFarlane/Louvelle

24. Thomas/Thomas

25. Chambers/Oliver

26. Hooper/Hooper

27. Watling/Watling

28. Beek/Beek

29. Dalling/McKinnon

30. Paul/Dunham

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