More Great News From Berkley

Apr 19, 2022

Thanks to the generosity of Berkley, the NBSFA will have a new prize package giveaway this season at ALL SEVEN of the regular season events. The prize package will be worth over $150 and filled with 16 Berkley products. Each package will have at least ten packages of Berkley Powerbait soft plastics, two Berkley hardbaits and two packs of Berkley hooks/jigs.

The Berkley draw prize will be available to any team not placing in the money for the tournament. The team must be present at the days end presentations to win the prize package. If not, another number will be drawn until there’s a winner. The number drawn will correspond to the team placing in the tournament. For example, if “27” is the number drawn, the team that placed 27th in the tournament would be the winner. If there is a tie between teams for the placing, the team with the bigger lunker would win the prize package.

Another great incentive to hang around for the presentations!