Magaguadavic Lake Presented by Lucky Strike and Bolle

Jul 13, 2021

The 2nd stop of summer on the NBSFA tournament schedule is the scenic Magaguadavic Lake. It’s not necessarily the favourite stop on the tournament trail for many of the anglers due to the numerous shoals and rocks the size of cars that tend to hide just under the waters surface. However, it is relatively easy to navigate from one end of the lake to the other once you spend some time there and mark a few tracks. The July 17th event is sponsored by Lucky Strike Bait Works ( and bollé sunglasses ( The long-time sponsorship of both companies is very much appreciated by the Association and its members.

Lucky Strike sponsors the “Lucky Strike Award” at each tournament and provides a Lucky Strike tournament net and livewell net to the team just out of the money. Also, many Lucky Strike products are given away as draw prizes – spinnerbaits, livewell nets, gaiters, hats and towels.

bollé provides several pairs of sunglasses for various events throughout the season. This year the glasses are Holman floatable sunglasses, designed specifically for marine use. The sunglasses are stylish, lightweight, polarized to stop disturbing glare and provide 100% UV protection.

Anglers should note that the boat landing road is in respectable shape after the recent heavy rains with cars using to access the beach area. Also, a reminder for anglers to arrive early since the launch is a single boat launch. See you Saturday!

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