Oliver and Chambers Snatch the Win at Magaguadavic

Jul 18, 2021

21 Teams were met with a serene morning upon their arrival Saturday where Andrew Oliver and Tim Chambers wrangled up just enough smallmouth bass to take home their first win of the season.

For the first time in 4 tries, the NBSFA anglers and staff enjoyed warm temps and low winds. They exchanged the cold temps and brisk winds for the sound of fish finder alarms as they navigated the dangerous shores of Magaguadavic lake. The fishing was not easy and finding 10 lbs certainly was a chore but there were a few teams that were able to find ’em.

Oliver and Chambers managed 13.10 lbs for the win. They were followed closely by Greene / Barrett with 12.95 lbs and the team of Beek / Sanford with 12.85 lbs. Biggest fish of the day was caught by Hooper / Hooper weighing in at 3.50 lbs.

Pure Fishing

Pure Fishing

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