Jan 16, 2022

Over the past couple of months the NBSFA Board of Directors have been working in conjunction with the Minnow Tackle Shop on our new initiative called “The Smallmouth Cup”, which is being introduced for new teams to the NBSFA.


Prize pack includes:

* An Annual Team Trophy with team’s name engraved on it

* 2 x NBSFA Hats* 2 X NBSFA Hoodies

* $500.00 cash

* 2x $250.00 gift certificates sponsored by The Minnow Tackle Shop.

* 2 x 2023 NBSFA memberships

Listed below is the criteria to join this new initiative:

– Each team must have 5 years or less experience fishing in the NBSFA. Partial years will count as a full year and the overall teams experience /eligibility lies with the angler with the most experience in the NBSFA;

– Teams are not permitted to use an alternate for this award as they may use alternates with more experience which would change the eligibility;

– There is no timeline that “resets an anglers time”. For example, if an angler fished in the NBSFA for 10 years and took time off, when that angler comes back into the NBSFA they are NOT eligible to work towards this award;

– The award will be presented to the team that meets the aforementioned criteria and who finishes with the least amount of points in the Team of The Year race based on their “best 4 finishes” at the end of our regular 7 sanctioned tournament series;

– Should there be teams who tie at the end of the regular 7 tournament series, the team who places the highest in our Classic will be declared the winners of this award. Now, in the unlikelihood event that teams tie once again in the Classic, the team who weighs in the largest lunker during the Classic will be declared the winners;

– During this race, teams who qualify for this award are also still able to compete for the NBSFA- Team of The Year, Classic – Champions, and Big Fish Award;

– In the event that a team chasing this award wins the NBSFA Team of The Year, this award will then be presented to the 2nd place team chasing this award as one team cannot win both;- During the first 5 years of being a team chasing this trophy, there is no limit to how many times a team can be awarded this prize;

– Competing teams will have an (SC) annotated next to their name on the NBSFA Team of the Year (TOTY) board; and

– Should there be any questions regarding a teams eligibility, the NBSFA Board of Directors will render a decision on whether a team is eligible for the award or not based on the aforementioned criteria.

Good luck to all participants this coming season,

See you on the water. Stay safe.

Bert Beek

Chairman, NBSFA

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