Nackawic Notes

May 13, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Here are some notes pertaining to next weekend’s Big Axe event in Nackawic:

• There will be NO Friday Meeting due to COVID 19

• There will be a Mandatory Captain’s Meeting each morning at 0645hrs (at least one participant from each team must attend)

• There will be NO breakfast or Bar BQ at this event due to COVID 19 rules and restrictions;

• All COVID 19 rules and regulations will be adhered to which means all participants and staff will wear masks when on shore and keep a six foot distance from each other

• NO Wake Zone up Nackawic stream once you get to the homes on the right hand side, after the homes let it rip

• Out of Bounds only at the Mactaquac dam. You must stay outside of the large yellow buoys. You cannot fish above the Hartland bridge which includes tossing your lure above the bridge

• You are now permitted to fish between the Graton Bridge and the old Train trestle just above Woodstock;• Weigh In procedures // fish handling // etc will be discussed at Captain’s meeting each morning

• Don’t forget to pay your registration prior to next Wednesday evening at midnight.

• See you all the long weekend


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