Cormier and Gogan win the 2021 Dennis Wilson Memorial

Aug 2, 2021

For the first time, the annual Dennis Wilson Memorial tournament was run out of Carleton Park and sponsored by the city of Fredericton.

On Day 1, the anglers were met with cool temperatures and stiff winds at launch time. The winds proved to be relentless throughout the day as the teams scrambled up and down the Saint John river trying to put together some sort of pattern. On the docks at the end of the day, there seemed to be the same theme… “The fish aren’t where we usually find them”. After weigh-ins had concluded, the 45 teams’ weights showed a broad spectrum all the way up and down the board. The team of Cormier and Gogan brought in 14.80 lbs which would give them the lead heading into day 2.

Sunday morning was a much calmer morning with no winds but it was still a cool morning for the first of August. The day quickly warmed up and the wind did pick up but nothing like they had seen on day 1. Even with the better weather, it didn’t seem to help. Teams started to trickle in a couple hours before the official completion and seemed awe struck as to where the fish had gone.

Someone always seems to find them, and this day was no different. Some teams that had done well on Day 1 spent their day scrambling hoping for enough to hold on, while others flourished.

In the end, the team of Cormier and Gogan added 11.95 lbs to their day 1 lead and hoped their total of 26.75 lbs would hold on for the win. It did. Second place went to Mason and Mason with 26.30lbs and Crawford and Crawford rounded out the top 3 with 25.85 lbs total.